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Liz Allen is an award winning observational documentary maker with 20 years experience working in the film and broadcast industry in the UK. 


Liz originally trained as a nurse but she soon realized she was more interested in anthropology than medicine so she left and started redirecting her education and career towards filmmaking. As a nurse she wanted to make a difference but also wanted to do something that had a greater scope than that, something that could reach a greater audience. Nursing gave her great training in listening and drawing people out and letting them tell their own stories.


With a 20 year filmmaking career which began in the UK and incorporated a 5 years stint as a corporate Director for one of London’s top communications company: Imagination and another 5 years with the BBC working in Specialist Factual on the landmark series ‘Child of Our Time’. Liz has a proven track record of producing high ratings documentaries for the UK Channels: BBC1, 2, 3 and 4, and ITV, Channel 4, as well as the international market:  BBC Worldwide and ABC. She has also developed award winning films including 'Sins of the Father'​ and 'Breast Cancer; the operation'​ which won an RTS for best educational documentary in 2004. She was instrumental as a Story Producer for creating the award winning series 'Junior Doctors; your life in their hands'​ which won the Broadcast Digital Award in 2011.


Liz has filmed all over the world including India, South Africa, US, and Europe. She has worked for the most prodigious documentary makers in the UK including ‘Century Films’, Minnow Films’. Liz's most recent UK credits include 'BBC 'Without Limits', (2018) 'Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me' (2017) BBC 'Waste' (2015) and BBC2 'Parking Mad' (2015) 


Five years ago Liz moved to Australia to be closer to family and for the last 18 months has been working for 'Southern Pictures' based in Sydney. She has been able to bring her style of documentary making to her most recent credits including 'Love me as I am' for sbs which she also shot.  In 2019 Liz Directed the ABC series ' Miriam Margolyes...Almost Australia' to Tx in May and the single film 'Stutter School' for sbs to be broadcast later in the year. 

Liz Allen

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